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Mindset is the most important


I’m starting a blog with a mindset … because Mindset (the way we think) is the most important.


Well, everything we see, do, everything that happens to us is actually seen through these glasses. They can be of various colors … Some people look through very dark, some through pink, someone through magnifying, some people throug glasses for the distance, and some through broken …

Someone said:

“It does not matter what happens to us, it matters how we react to what is happening to us”

That’s it

We choose which ones we will put on and then we react accordingly.
Someone will react to dismissal at work as if it is the end of the world, and someone as a long-awaited freedom or simply a turning point to start a new chapter of life.

Someone will react to the disease as an end, and someone as a reminder that he should finally begin to live …
I met several people who survived the worst illnesses thanks to the mindset of the winner and someone who wanted and decided to be here.

Mindset is also what you believe in … If you believe that you can not possibly try something, you probably will not even try it.

If you are scared of something, you will never even try many things again. If you believe that you are clumsy, you will never even apply for a sport, a dance, etc. And who knows you might meet the love of your life there, a good friend, a business partner …

The good thing is that mindset can change!

Most of us inherit a mindset from our parents, but if this mindset doesn’t benefit us, we should begin to question it.

So did everything we understood from our environment, accept as our opinion on everything is true? … No it is not and should be changed.

For this change, it is necessary to make decisions and to get used to this kind of thinking, it is not difficult, but it is not easy and there is no giving up!

Did you know that by the age seventh 150000 we hear You can’t, and only a couple of thousand times Yes You can ?! Imagine how our mind is conditioned by early childhood, and how much it stops us from fulfilling our full potential and living the life we ​​deserve?

Whenever I find myself stick in my life … I remember a movie where Jim Carrey plays a banker who has a negative mindset and answers everything in life with “no” and then something happens he signs a contract where he has to respond to everything with yes for a year!

How his life is changing and what’s happening to him is truly amazing!

Try … if you do not like how you live, change it, start saying yes to things you really want, and no to ones you really don’t!
Put pink glasses on and be brave.

Decide to give yourself a chance, a new start, turn a new sheet. Well, afterall this is your story, your movie … your life, try and you’ll see how things change!

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